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 The charm of the night

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Status: Looking like a human, but acting like a beast

BerichtOnderwerp: The charm of the night   za jan 18, 2014 1:40 pm

It was a lovely night. The sky was clear, stars where shining and it was full moon.  In short: a perfect night. And it was for Dilaz. This evening he had a date with a beautiful young lady. At least, that was what shé thought. Because this date wouldn’t be a normal one. Yes they were going out to eat in a romantic  restaurant. Yes they were going to make a peaceful walk in the snow. But they wouldn’t have the same goals. For her it was probably seeking for the perfect life partner. For Dilaz it was just food.  His lust for blood has grown so big, that his throat was burning like hell. Alright, that might be a little over the top, but it was burning. With calm steps Dilaz walked strode the restaurant.  Why did he do all this effort? Well, very simple. Commoners though he was a normal human. A strange one, but not a beast. And to keep it that way, he couldn’t just starting to kill people. Besides this was way funnier. It amused him that woman thought that he really loved them. That he worshiped them and would do everything they wanted him to do.  Wrong. All those woman were nothing more than toys to him.
Blood dripped along his mouth. The virgin white snow was colored red.  In his arms lies a lifeless body. Long brown hair covered the young lady’s  face. ’It wasn’t a waste..’ Whispered Dilaz, more to himself.  It was extremely quiet and because of that, he just dumped the body. Commoners would find her soon enough. He sighed en swept the blood from his mouth. The burning feeling in his throat was gone, so he was satisfied. But then, suddenly, there was a sound. Not from a animal. Dilaz stood still and listened very well.

-M'n eerste probeersel post in het Engels. Je mag reageren als je wilt ^-^

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The charm of the night
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