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 Dark Link, the shadow

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Dark Link


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My Character
Age: Unknown
Partner: No clue what you're talking about
Status: Living by the day, as the shadow, the demon of someone else

BerichtOnderwerp: Dark Link, the shadow   wo jun 18, 2014 8:36 pm

Naam:Dark Link. Or just call me Link
Leeftijd: My age is unknown
Geslacht: Male
Eventuele geschiedenis: Dark Link is made by a scientist. He’s  supposed to be the “dark” clone of someone else, who’s name is Link. That’s why his own name is Dark Link. After the experiment succeeded, Dark Link got trained en became the body guard of his scientist. The scientist, an older evil male, had many enemies. In order to protect his “creator”, Dark Link killed many  people. But after some time, the royal army captured the scientist. Although Link had the mission to protect him, he ran away and escaped from the danger. Now, all alone and not knowing what the world actually means, he wanders through New Albion. Everything is unknown for him, everything is new. Except his sword and shield are familiar. With only those two things, he knows what to do. The rest is one big question mark.
Uiterlijk: Dark Link has blood red eyes, which lights up when he’s mad. He has short, grey hair and wears a long point cap. Because he has long ears, he’s  starting to look like a demon fairy. His length is around 1m80. Normally he only wears black clothes, ‘cause he has nothing else to wear. Next to his clothes, he carries a sword and a shield with him.
Extra: He is most able to understand what people are saying, but is not capable to answer in proper words. When he’s trying to say something, he’ll use signs.  
Beroep: Beast

~~It's not big, I know. Sorry for that
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Dark Link, the shadow
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